Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC:

Founded on November 15, 2018, Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC is the brainchild of its founders, Yolanda DiNicolantonio and Diana Cotto.

Their journey into the vacation rental business was inspired by a personal experience that sparked a desire for change. During a medical emergency in New York City, the founders encountered subpar accommodations, motivating them to raise the standards in the vacation rental industry.

Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC offers quality vacation rental houses at various prices to transform homes and lives. They are committed to ensuring homeowner partners experience peace of mind through meticulous service and home care standards. Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC provides memorable experiences, creating a world where every traveler can find a home away from home that exceeds their expectations.

Yolanda DiNicolantonio (CEO)

Yolanda DiNicolantonio, the CEO of Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC, brings a wealth of experience to the company. With a strong background in accounting and seven years of professional expertise, Yolanda is well-acquainted with numbers and precision. Her journey into the vacation rental industry was sparked by a quest for superior services aligned with her exacting standards.

Driven by a passion for business and a commitment to excellence, Yolanda's dedication to Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC is fueled by her unwavering desire to raise the bar in the field.

Diana Cotto (COO)

As the COO of Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC, Diana Cotto's extensive background in decor and customer services has proven instrumental in shaping the company's success. With a decade of experience in her field, Diana's expertise in creating inviting and memorable guest spaces is unmatched.

Diana's entry into the vacation rental industry was prompted by her quest for services that met her discerning standards. Her passion for entrepreneurship and relentless commitment to excellence boost her dedication to Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC.

Mission Statement

Hostessy Vacation Homes LLC is committed to reshaping the vacation rental landscape by offering a range of quality properties across different price points. We aim to enhance homes, enrich lives through exceptional customer service, and create unforgettable vacation memories.

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